Why You Should Begin Using a Prayer Journal

A prayer journal is a safe space for you to track your prayers and to build a consistent habit of praying. Prayer is essential to building your relationship with God and creating this habit will bring you closer to Him. 


Having a prayer journal keeps you accountable.  

If you struggle with personal accountability, a prayer journal can be a very powerful tool for helping you build a habit of praying every day. By including the day and date on each page, you will see how long it’s been since you last prayed, and this will encourage you to build a streak of praying daily. 


Be Organized 

Organization is key. Your prayer journal offers a place to keep on top of what you are praying for and when.  


Stay Focused 

It’s only natural that our minds tend to wander. Writing down your prayers will help you concentrate on communicating with God. Focus on being present during prayer and you will feel closer to God. 


God is Listening 

Communication is a two-way street, and He is always listening. Track how God is answering your prayers to help build a better relationship with Him.  


Work through Issues 

They can also be used to help you work through issues in your life through prayer. Pray for sick friends, for help with family struggles, church needs, stress at work, and more. Tell God what is happening in your life and pray for guidance. 


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