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Personalized Gratitude Journal

Taking out a few minutes a day to be grateful has been shown to have enormous benefits for your wellbeing and having a dedicated gratitude journal means you're more likely to create a long-lasting habit of feeling grateful. 

Why Order a Personalized Gratitude Journal?

People who have created a regular practice of noting their gratitude see amazing health benefits, including better sleep, less stress and improved mental health. Counting your blessings lets you take stock of what is really important in your life and puts life’s ups and downs into perspective.  

Gratitude is a strong, positive emotion which can help ground you, and many claim it has brought more joy and positivity. 

Perfect Small Gratitude Journals

Soft-touch, hardcover gratitude journals from Nottai are 6x9 in size, making perfect for busy people int the twenty-first century. Its ideal size means you can take it wherever you go, letting you feel gratitude in any place or any time. 

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