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Gratitude Journal for Kids

Using a gratitude journal helps introduce children to self-exploration, positivity, and of course, gratitude. Spending a few minutes daily is enough to build a gratitude practice and see them reap the benefits of creating an attitude of gratitude. Start developing positive habits from a young age by using a gratitude journal for kids. 

Why Order a Kid’s Personalized Gratitude Journal?

Our gratitude journals for kids are fun and engaging. They are specifically designed with kids in mind. The cover can be personalized to add their name or initials, and the interior file has carefully curated steps to walk the child through their gratitude practice, helping them cement their gratitude habit. Gratitude journals teach kids to take stock of their blessings from a very young age. They also make an awesome gift for kids! 

Why Choose a Kid’s Gratitude Journal from Nottai?

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Perfect Small Gratitude Journals for Kids

Nottai gratitude journals for kids are small and portable, measuring 6x9. They are designed this way to ensure they fit easily inside a kid’s backpack, so kids can take their gratitude with them wherever they go. 

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