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Nothing showcases your personality better than a custom-printed notebook. Tell us what name or initials you want to appear in the personalized text box of a notebook and we’ll print it right away. They also make great gifts for family, friends or colleagues.

Why Design a Personalized Notebook?

Notebooks are perfect for school or work, especially if you’re used to making to-do lists and writing down ideas for later. Your notebook will help you stay organized, so why get an ordinary notebook when you can have a custom-printed notebook?

A personalized small notebook does wonders. It encourages you to keep writing, especially if you’re just now starting to get into the habit of it. The customized design will inspire you to be more organized. It could eventually be a keepsake, too. 

Design the best personalized notebook today.

Lessons on Kindness Personalized Educator Notebook

Why Get a Custom-Printed Nottai Notebook?


educator notebooks

Our Education notebooks celebrate teachers and other educational professionals who play a formative role in the lives of tomorrow's leaders. Education notebooks help teachers stay organized and on top of their game. They are perfect for everyday use or as a gift for that special teacher who goes the extra mile.



Nottai Everyday notebooks are the perfect solution for your common writing needs. Whether it be for capturing to-do's, grocery lists, managing your family calendar and more! These 6x9 Everyday notebooks are a fantastic tool to help keep you organized in style to conquer your day. Check out our design options online now.



Some of our most popular personalized notebook designs are featured in our Inspiration collection. Each Inspiration notebook features a motivating or thought-provoking message on the cover to remind you to focus on what's most important in your life. You can personalize the cover with your name, initials or a special message.


The perfect personalized, small notebooks

Nottai notebooks measure 6x9 and are the perfect size for everyday use in the office, at your desk, to keep in your purse or even in the glove compartment of your car so you're always ready to capture your thoughts. This ideal size means you can stay organized while on-the-go in order to conquer your day. Order your perfect personalized small notebook from Nottai online now.

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